The 7 Rs

At Wyton on the Hill, we believe that every that every child has the power to be an engaged, effective and successful lifelong learner, with the potential to make outstanding contributions to society.

It is our core purpose, therefore, to develop our children’s learning power so that they become resilient, resourceful and reflective learners, who are confident to take risks, think creatively and develop responsibility for their own learning. This is why we have made the 7Rs part of our school culture.

The 7Rs model identifies 7 key attributes which school staff can cultivate in their pupils, in order to develop their capacity for learning and increase their practical ability, both across the curriculum and in everyday situations. The 7Rs are as follows:



Being ready, willing and able to lock on to learning – knowing how to work through difficulties when the pressure mounts or the going gets tough.

As Resilient Learners, pupils will:

  • Stick at something
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Stay involved with their learning even when it is tricky or not their favourite subject
  • Set targets and practice


Being ready willing and able to learn in different ways using both internal and external resources effectively and calling on different ways of learning as appropriate.

As Resourceful Learners, pupils will:

  • Show initiative
  • Learn using a range of different methods
  • Ask good questions
  • Use their imagination or think ‘out of the box’ to solve problems


Being willing and able to work with others towards a common goal or greater good.

As Reciprocal Learners, pupils will:

  • Involve others, including the teacher, in learning
  • Be able to work collaboratively, as part of a team
  • Help others
  • Listen to and value different opinions


Being ready, willing and able to become more self-aware and analytical about learning. Taking the longer term view by planning, taking stock and drawing out their experiences as a learner to get the best out of themselves.

As Reflective Learners, pupils will:

  • Be curious  - asking ‘why?’
  • Be able to describe their progress
  • Listen and Learn from feedback
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Transfer knowledge


Being independent and self-regulated: being ready, willing and able to learn alone (or with other people) without the extrinsic motivation of reward or sanction.

As Responsible Learners, pupils will:

  • Know right from wrong and use this knowledge to make good choices
  • Get on with a task without adult support
  • Plan ahead and take time to do something properly
  • Do their best


Being ready, willing and able to use a sense of independent judgment together with skills in communication and empathy.

As Reasoned Learners, pupils will:

  • Be able to explain their thinking
  • Consider all the evidence
  • Choose the best method or thinking tool


Being able to see and celebrate the value in ourselves and others.

As Respectful Learners, pupils will:

  • Listen to and value the opinions, beliefs and ideas of others
  • Ensure that their words or actions do not harm others, either physically or emotionally
  • Display courtesy, consideration  and tact – even in challenging situations
Wyton on the Hill Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.
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