Seacole Y3

Welcome to da Vinci Class!  
Mrs Poulton: Subject Leader for Maths and Science, KS2 Leader and Y5 Class Teacher
MrsPoulton Mrs Poulton is both a brilliant scientist and a fantastic mathematician, having studied Science at University and trained as a MaST teacher. In addition to teaching and learning, Mrs Poulton enjoys reading, singing, walking, listening to music, travelling and yoga. Whenever she can, she goes to the theatre and cinema. Her favourite flower is the rose. Her favourite rose is called 'Peace'.
Mrs Duffy: KS2 Learning Mentor & Running Club Leader
MrsDuffyMrs Duffy has three boys, who have all attended our school. As well as being great at helping children with their learning, she is an inspirational runner and hockey coach.

All of our classes are named after people who have shown the 7Rs and worked hard to be the best they can be. da Vinci Class is named after a famous man called Leonardo da Vinci. 

Leonardo da Vinci (1452 -1519) was a leading artist and intellectual of the Italian Renaissance. He is best known for his paintings of 'The Last Supper' and 'Mona Lisa'. In addition, he was interested in science and inventing and drew many detailed sketches which were never tested - including a flying machine! Click here to find out more about this amazing man. He has been chosen to be our class hero because he represents many of the qualities or 7 R's we value here at Wyton Primary school including resourcefulness and resilience.

da Vinci Class is taught by Mrs Poulton and is supported by Mrs Duffy.

Y5 Uniform
White shirt/polo shirt Black or grey skirt/trousers Green jumper with the school logo or a green cardigan Black shoes
shirt trousersskirt jumpercardigan shoes

  PE PE Days in da Vinci Class   Required clothing: PE Clothing
  We have two sessions of PE a week, one tends to be indoors and the other outdoors, though that can depend on the unit of work we are doing.
PE will generally be on a Wednesday and Friday, so please make sure they have their full PE Kit in school.
  For gym / dance / general fitness indoors:
  • House Team T- Shirt
  • Plain shorts
  • Hair tie for long hair
  •   Please note:
  • We encourage the children to keep their PE kits in school in a suitable named bag all week and take them home for washing in Fridays in case we need to change the day we have PE due to inclement weather or in case we have the opportunity to put in an additional session of PE.
  • We try to do outdoor PE in all weathers, so your children are welcome to bring in additional layers to wear during the winter season, should they need to.
  • It is really important that all PE kit is labelled to ensure it does not become lost.
  • Jewellery, including earrings, must not be worn in PE sessions.
  •   For outdoor PE:
  • House Team T- Shirt
  • Plain shorts
  • Suitable sports trainers (plimsolls are not suitable for outdoor P.E)
  • A waterproof coat, suitable for PE outdoors in light rain
  • Hair tie for long hair
  • Extra socks (if the pupil usually wears tights)
    Class Letters
    Home Learning in da Vinci Class
    Each evening we feel it is beneficial for all Year 5 children to carry out the following learning tasks at home:
  • Reading: 20-25 mins independently / with an adult where possible three times a week.
  • • Spellings: 10 mins independently. Spelling Lists are handed out on Fridays and we ask that pupils learn the lists they are given using a variety of given learning strategies they have been given. Each Friday, Year 5 are tested on their previous week's spelling through a spelling dictation.
  • ‘Maths: Times tables practise 10-20 minutes independently/supported by an adult if required. The following website are useful for times tables practise:
  • https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button
  • Maths activities for completion in Maths Home Learning books will be set on Fridays and need to be completed by the following Wednesday at the latest.
  • Book reviews for completion in Reading Journals are set on Fridays and need to be returned by the following Wednesday at the latest.

    What will we be learning this year in da Vinci Class?

    Topics for this year:
    Learning mapPlease click on our topic map below to find out what topic we will be using as our key context for learning each term.

    Assessment and Learning Objectives for this year:
    assessmentPlease click on the image to see our assessment and learning objectives for Year 5.

    For more information about our school curriculum, click here.

    Other daily items to remember:
    Water bottle Coat Book bag and reading book
    bottle coat book bagbook
    This should be taken home every night in order to be cleaned for the next day. Even on warm sunny days, some sort of coat is necessary, in case the class go out to learn or play. These are to be taken to and from school each day to encourage regular reading as well as being a means of taking other homework and communications to and from school.
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