Throughout the year we raise money for a variety of causes. We try to contribute towards charities such as Children in Need or Comic Relief but we also look to fund projects and equipment in school, some of which may be long term aims.

On this page you can see what has been raised and purchased and the progress we're making on new projects. Click on the links at the foot of the page to see what we have raised in previous years.

KS2 Production of Hoodwinked

£154 in profit was made selling tickets, picture CDs and donations for the two KS2 performances of the play based on the story of Robin Hood. All the money raised is going towards the funding of new stage blocks. Click here for pictures from the play.

June 2011 - Sports Days

£28.55 was generated from the selling of ice lollies and drinks at the Sports Days with the money going into school funds.

March 2011 - Comic Relief

£391.51 was raised as children and staff dressed back to front, some took part in sponsored events and at the end of the day there was a book sale.

February 2011 - Laser Quest

£186 was made and will go into the Kingswood fund as children of all ages took part in our second Laser Quest evening. .

December 2010 - Table Top Sale

£205 was donated or raised in the buying of tables and the selling of raffles tickets. All money from the event will go to the purchase of extra sets of Oxford Reading Tree books for the Reception class.

December 2010 - Pampered Chef

10 Children's Safety Knives. Following the purchasing of items from those that attended the Pampered Chef demonstration the school earned points resulting in the company donating 10 knives which cannot cut through skin and have a RRP of £3.95 each. These will be of benefit to all the children when they are cooking in school.

November 2010 - Michaelmas Community Fair

£585.55 was made as the school held its first Michaelmas fair with the help of the Parish Council and local Community. The laptops used by all the children are now several years old and in need of replacement so the money raised from this event is going to be put towards this aim. For pictures from the fair click here.

November 2010 - Laser Quest

£93 profit was made in a highly enjoyable and energetic evening for children throughout the school as they took part in this event which was the first fund-raiser for the Kingswood trip next September. The children currently in Years 4 & 5 are going to be organising several events over the next few months with any money raised helping to lower the cost of the trip for all. See Kingswood Fundraising.

November 2010 - Remembrance Day

£70.20 was raised by children and staff as they attended school in non-school uniform. This was donated to the Royal British Legion.

October 2010 - Harvest

£198.80 raised through selling apple-based cakes, sweets, biscuits and crumbles as well as children and staff paying to come to school in Autumn colours. All the money raised has been donated to Kings Ripton Court, a Salvation Army run accommodation centre for homeless people.


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