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How effective were we last year as a governing body in supporting the children's learning and school improvement?
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Hello and welcome to the Governors’ page of the Wyton on the Hill Primary School website.

As governors, we are very proud of our school; our children work very hard and are well behaved, but they are also recognised as being individuals and given plenty of opportunities to have fun. We are also proud of our staff; the teaching staff put in a huge number of hours into preparing and delivering lessons while also giving the children the pastoral care and attention they need; our committed team of Learning Mentors work in partnership with our Inclusion Leader to ensure that all pupils are afforded the best opportunities to develop as learners and citizens; and our support staff always ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

What we do as governors
The Governing Body is responsible for the overall performance of the school. Governors have to ensure that the education provided - and the way in which the children, staff and parents are treated - are in accordance with the law and with the various regulations laid down by the authorities.

This does not mean we try to interfere with the day-to-day running of the school – our role is that of a ‘critical friend’. We scrutinise reports on how English, Maths, Science and other subjects are being taught and how this is reflected in the children’s attainment and progress. We ensure that every subject is taught according to the guidelines set out by the Department for Education; we monitor the school budget to ensure ‘best value for money; and we come in to observe teaching and learning in action at least twice a year. We are, however, neither teachers nor school inspectors and do not try to behave as such.

There are different types of governor –

  • Parent Governors
  • Staff Governors
  • Co-opted Governors
  • Local Authority Governors

Governors are appointed for terms of 4 years.

We meet twice each term as a full Governing Body (once each half term) and also sit on a sub-committee – Quality of Teaching and Assessment or Effectiveness of Leadership and Management.

A list detailing the current members of the school governing body can be found here.

How to become a Governor

When a vacancy arises all parents are notified via the school’s fortnightly Newsletter and given the opportunity to volunteer. Elections are held if more than one person is interested for each vacancy. We have some very committed families at Wyton on the Hill and this shows – there are always people who are prepared to give their time to join us on the Governing Body.

You don’t need any special skills to become a governor, apart from a wish to help the school, but if you do have any particular talents that you think might be useful then please let us know. Oh, and a sense of humour doesn’t go amiss either!

If you are reading this and live nearby, but are not a parent of one of our pupils, that doesn’t prevent you from being a governor. If you let us know of your interest then we can keep your details and get in touch with you next time a vacancy arises for a community governor. You can leave your contact details in the school office, or speak to one of the governors, and they will pass them on to Carolyn Daines (our Acting Chair of Governors), who will get in touch with you.

Application Form: Word pdf


Governing Body Policies
    Documents Frequency of Review Review Date  
  Word version pdf version Effectiveness of Leadership & Management - Terms of Reference   Sept 2017  
  pdf version Governance Handbook   Jan 2017  
  Word version pdf version Governor Attendance Record      
  Word version pdf version Governor Code of Conduct   Sept 2016  
  Word version pdf version Governor Details and Register of Interests      
  Word version pdf version Governor Induction Policy   Sept 2016  
  Word version pdf version Governor School Visits Policy   Sept 2017  
  Word version pdf version Governors' Allowances   Sept 2017  
  Word version pdf version HT Appraisal Committee v.4   Sept 2015  
  Word version pdf version Instrument of Government for Community Schools      
  Word version pdf version Internal Financial Procedures   Sept 2017  
  Word version pdf version Quality of Teaching, Learning & Assessment Committee - Terms of Reference   Sept 2017  
  Word version pdf version School Contract Regulations   Apr 2017  
    pdf version School Financial Regulations   Sept 2016  
    pdf version Schools Financial Value Standard Self-Evaluation Form      
  Word version pdf version Standing Orders   Sept 2017  
Signed copies of all policies are kept in the School Office.
Minutes of all Governors’ meetings are kept in the School Office and are available to be viewed on request.
Wyton on the Hill Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.
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