Multiple Intelligence Days
Each half term the Learning Mentors run Multiple Intelligence Days for each key stage and these prove extremely popular with the children. They are based on Howard Gardner's theory that we understand and learn about the world through different intelligences (click here for more details) and each day is different but based on a theme. On this page you can read and see what has been happening recently during these days.

The Rainbow Fish


Word Smart
In K.S.1 the children had the task of designing their own rainbow fish themed word searches.
In K.S.2 the children had the option of designing their own word search or as an extension, a crossword.


Picture Smart
The children worked individually to make a Rainbow Fish. They used a technique called chromatography, using filter paper, felt tip pens and drops of water. Once they added the water the colours all emerged together, making a very colourful fish. Later in the day they added detail by gluing pieces of shiny paper as scales and an eye.


Body Smart
We played “Rainbow Fish to the Rescue” and “Scale Snatch.” Using our spacial awareness and cooperation skills we travelled within boundaries, avoiding collisions with other fish and listening carefully for approaching storms. Working as teams we saved members of our fish family from the fishermen or to collected shiny new scales.

People Smart
In people smart we looked at the qualities we value in good friends.
In KS1 we went fishing and cast away any undesirable qualities keeping those that we liked.
In KS2 we had a friendship values auction where we decided how much we valued each quality.

Music Smart
In music Smart we used percussion instruments to create an atmosphere to the story.

Nature Smart
Lots of us keep fish at home as pets but how much do we know about them?  We became ichthyologists for the day as we studied and discussed Rainbow Fish before we had a table top quiz to test our knowledge.

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