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At Wyton on the Hill, we are constantly striving to provide the best for our pupils within the context of our diverse and rapidly changing community.

In order to achieve this, we need your help!

Please let us know what we can do to help you and your child get the most from your school by completing a short online questionnaire on Ofsted’s ParentView. Your answers will be anonymous, but will help your school to be the best it can be.

The results will let us know what you think we do well (so we can keep doing it!) and where you think improvements could be made.

Click here to access Parent View.

Better still, complete the questionnaire anonymously, then come in to discuss any queries, concerns or suggestions in more detail with a member of staff or with our Parents’ Forum group. Our door is always open and we can only improve with your help and support!

Results of Questionnaire for Parents and Carers December 2017

At Wyton on the Hill, we always aim to be the best we can be and believe that we can only do this by acting on the feedback we receive from our parents and pupils.
In December 2017, we asked parents attending the KS1 Production to complete a short questionnaire and received 62 responses. Here are the results of the questions asked.

Please read the following statements and tick the answer which best fits what you think about the school.

Strongly agree



Strongly disagree

Don't know/not applicable


My child is happy at this school.

64 8 0




My child is safe at this school.

59 13 0




My child makes good progress at this school.

56 15 0




My child is well looked after at this school.

55 17 0




My child is taught well at this school.

58 14 0




My child receives appropriate homework for their age.

36 33 3




The school makes sure its pupils are well behaved.

46 23 3




The school deals effectively with bullying.

31 25 2




The school is well led and managed.

52 20 0




The school responds well to any concerns I raise. 43 28 1




I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress. 52 19 1




I would recommend this school to another parent. 51 21 0



What’s working well?
Thank you for your positive comments, which included the following:

  • “All the staff / TAs / Helpers are FAB!”
  • “From the perspective of a new parent to this school, I have no complaints; everything seems well run.”
  • “I Like everything. My son made great progress at this school. He settled in well.”
  • “Love the Parent Hub”
  • “We have been really impressed with the school. Our children have settled in well and are very happy – thank you for all the hard work!”
  • “I have 2 children in this school and am very happy with their progress.”
  • “Lovely environment and community, this school is very special. Wish funding would allow for more SENCo help to give teachers and carers support.”
  • “Overall my children are very happy and enjoy coming to school.”

How could we improve our service?
Thank you for your comments, which will be very helpful in our future planning.

Homework (2 comments, with 3 “disagrees”)
“Too much homework and sometimes the parent has to teach as too hard for the younger ones.”
“The homework seems a little too straightforward; if anything easier than the previous year.”
Head teacher’s response:
It is always difficult to get the balance right for every family, as the two comments above illustrate! However, we are constantly reviewing our homework policy and your comments are useful to us. In the meantime, please speak with your child’s class teacher, who will be very happy to help.

Communication (2 comments)
“While there is communication, it is sometimes given at shorter notice than would be preferred.”
“Could have a little more communication when issues among my child / other children arise.”
Head teacher’s response:
We are constantly striving to improve our communication and will take these comments into consideration, thank you.
With regard to the second comment about communication with parents when issues between children arise, staff members do try to ensure that parents are informed of any significant issues and I apologise if this has not been to your satisfaction. We would welcome a further discussion about this, so that staff can ensure they are meeting your expectations and our high standards.

Safety (1 “disagree”, with the following comment)
“Just feel the safety of school gates isn’t always as good as it could be. Thank you.”
Head teacher’s response:
We feel our school gates are locked safely, as there is no access to the playground or classroom doors during the school day. The only gates ever opened during the school day are the service gates to the rear of the school when the kitchen has a delivery and even when this is necessary, there is no access to the school or classroom from the rear of the school because the hall doors are locked. If you would like to meet up with our Health and Safety Governor to discuss your specific concerns, he would be more than happy to address them.

Behaviour (2 comments, with 3 “disagrees”)
Comments made have not been included as they may identify particular individuals with particular Special Educational Needs or Disability in particular year groups; however, staff have met to discuss them.
Head teacher’s response:
We are very proud of our pupils and the vast majority of their behaviour in and around school is exemplary and is often commented on favourably  by visitors from other schools and agencies. We work closely with the Local Authority Specialist Teaching Team to manage challenging behaviour from individuals with Special Educational Needs. Please talk to your child’s class teacher about your specific concerns so that we can ensure we address them.

Bullying (1 comment, with 3 “disagrees”)
Head teacher’s response:
We have very clear policies and procedures for dealing with bullying effectively, but can only use them to resolve bullying issues if they are reported to us. We are very relieved that the person who made the comment about bullying came forward to identify their child, as we have now been able to take action. However, I would urge parents not to wait for our bi-annual anonymous questionnaire to let us know they have concerns about bullying; please contact me directly via the School Office or via email: head@wyton.cambs.sch.uk .

Wyton on the Hill Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.
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