Parents' Council
The purpose of the Parents’ Council is to provide parents with a forum to discuss school issues affecting pupils and parents and to support the school leadership team in making changes that will benefit families within our community.
As a result of discussions held at the first meeting before Easter, the following changes have changes have been made:
  • more information is being made available to parents through the school website – with more planned for the coming weeks;
  • the playground security gates are now opened earlier in the afternoon;
  • the last day of each term has been designated a non-school uniform day, to enable parents who are going away the opportunity to prepare school uniform ready for their child’s return to school before they go;
  • the school’s approach to fundraising for school projects has been reviewed, with displays going up in the entrance and around to school to keep pupils and parents informed of their progress towards targets set.

Meetings take place on alternate Thursdays and are currently focussed around the issue of improving communication between school and home, including reporting to parents.

Click on the links below to read the minutes from previous meetings.

6 May 2010
20 May 2010

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