December 2016

Next term, we will be exploring the concept of heritage through both our Key Stage One and Key Stage Two history-based topics. We will also be exploring the concept of diversity, which is one of our school’s core values.

We thought that the best place to start in developing an understanding of both heritage and diversity is with the children themselves and so we have devised a holiday home learning task to get them to research their own histories.

The Christmas holidays are a great time to catch up with relatives and friends, so hopefully, the children will be able to interview members of their family to find out more about themselves and their origins. There is a booklet for the children to complete, which we will be using in class to form the basis of discussions about the importance of similarities and differences, and of heritage and diversity. This booklet has been sent out electronically to you, however paper copies will also be available for your child to collect from their classroom if this is more convenient.

Children can complete the booklet in any way they choose, in words, pictures, photos or symbols, on the computer or on paper and we ask that the task be completed and returned to school by Friday January 13th.

Many thanks for your support in this project, which we hope you will enjoy doing with your child.

S. Barber
(History Leader)

Click here to download the challenge.