March 2016

To help combat ever worsening climate change and pollution, Wyton on the Hill have decided to do their part to save the planet. We have decided to take part in the Total Green School Award Challenge by becoming a ‘greener school’. We would like your help in coming up with project ideas to achieve this.

First choose your challenge (Challenge 1, 2 or 3).
Next do your research.
Then hand in your home learning challenge by   Friday  22nd April  2016.
Finally present your learning for our home learning exhibition.

Remember, you can present your learning in any way you like – poster, sculpture, painting, rap, song, piece of music, video, letter, argument, PowerPoint, play script, model, blog, advert - it’s up to you!

*Challenge 1: Can you research and describe one way in which humans are negatively affecting our planet's environment?
**Challenge 2: Can you research one or more ways in which our school can be more green, describing what we could do and explaining how it would improve our school's environmental impact?
***Challenge 3: Can you create a proposal for a ‘Total Green School Award’ project for Wyton on the Hill to carry out, describing what each Year Group could do and  justifying your choice of project?


Useful Web Links
Total Green School Awards
Waste and Energy Education
Alliant Energy Kids
Recycle Now