October 2016


Bob the Builder has a special builder’s belt to keep all his tools in and help him in his job.
As part of your ‘Space’ topic, we would like you to design a special belt for an astronaut to wear on their space mission.
Think about the things you would need to take with you to space……
And remember, you can present your learning in any way you like – it’s up to you! You could draw, make or even write about it…
Finally, hand in your home learning by 18th November.

Click here to download the challenge.



Rivers of Reading

Reading flows through our lives every day in ways we probably don’t even realise! It can take us on journeys to unexpected places, or just help us to navigate our way through our everyday lives.
Every time we receive a text, letter or email from a friend, every time we look at a cereal packet or look for something online, we are reading!
For our Home Learning Challenge this half term, we would like you to observe your own reading practices for a week and write, draw, or stick information about what you have read onto your own River of Reading to make a collage or poster.

*Challenge 1: Can you make a record of EVERYTHING you read for a period of a week, then present it as a ‘River of Reading’?
**Challenge 2: Can you describe any patterns, connections about your ‘River of Reading’?
***Challenge 3: Can you make a River of Reading for yourself and one for a member of your family, then explain any similarities or differences you observe?

Click here to download the challenge.