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At Wyton on the Hill, we are constantly striving to provide the best for our pupils within the context of our diverse and rapidly changing community.

In order to achieve this, we need your help!

Please let us know what we can do to help you and your child get the most from your school by completing a short online questionnaire on Ofsted’s ParentView. Your answers will be anonymous, but will help your school to be the best it can be.

The results will let us know what you think we do well (so we can keep doing it!) and where you think improvements could be made.

Click here to access Parent View.

Better still, complete the questionnaire anonymously, then come in to discuss any queries, concerns or suggestions in more detail with a member of staff or with our Parents’ Forum group. Our door is always open and we can only improve with your help and support!

Results of Questionnaire for Parents and Carers July 2017

At Wyton on the Hill, we always aim to be the best we can be and believe that we can only do this by acting on the feedback we receive from our parents and pupils.
In July 2017, we asked parents attending the KS2 Production to complete a short questionnaire and received 65 responses. Here are the results of the questions asked. Please note that where numbers do not add up to 65 this is because parents and carers have indicated that they had not experienced that particular issue / context and therefore felt unable to evaluate it.

Please read the following statements and tick the answer which best fits what you think about the school.

Strongly agree



Strongly disagree


My child is happy at this school.

49 15 1



My child is safe at this school.

47 18 0



My child makes good progress at this school.

45 19 0



My child is well looked after at this school.

50 14 1



My child is taught well at this school.

50 14 1



My child receives appropriate homework for their age.

39 23 3



The school makes sure its pupils are well behaved.

43 20 1



The school deals effectively with bullying.

40 23 0



The school is well led and managed.

43 20 1



The school responds well to any concerns I raise. 46 18 0



I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress. 43 21 0



I would recommend this school to another parent. 46 17 2


What’s working well?
Thank you for your positive comments, which included the following:
“This has got to be the bestest school in the whole wide world.”
 “No improvements needed an excellent school.”
“Thank you for being a great school.”
“Since starting at the school after moving up here, the kids have gone from strength to strength, considering the move hit them hard as it was the first move for them. The staff are always on hand to discuss anything to do with the kids.”
“My child loves coming to school and learning.”
“My child has enjoyed his time here.”
“My children have a positive attitude to school and it’s thanks to the dedication of the teaching staff. No improvements needed this is a fantastic school.”
“I definitely think Wyton on the Hill School has improved in every way. My kids are very happy and safe. All the teachers are excellent. As a parent really happy with my children’s progress. Thank you Mrs Phillips – great headteacher.”
“Thank you for your good work.”
“Behaviour is dealt with well even for those with additional needs such as ADHD.”
“I have found the school particularly helpful when our child has needed to be accommodated because of our religious views. We are very grateful that the school has always been excellent in this regard.”

Is there anything we have done this year that you think we should definitely do again next year?

  • “The KS2 show. Brilliant.”
  • “Keep on what you are doing.”
  • “More educational trips”
  • “Sports Day”
  • “Father’s Day gift shop.”
  • “Mother’s Day gift shop.”
  • “Swimming Course for KS2.”
  • “KS1 and KS2 productions.”
  • “Football for KS2.”
  • “School trips.”
  • “My child really enjoys the field trips.”
  • “Keep up the good work.”
  • “Variation of clubs.”
  • “Sutton Hoo school trip.”
  • “List of dates at the beginning of the year.”
  • “Trips out and residentials are always rewarding and beneficial.”
  • “The discos are good fun and profitable. Plays are fantastic. Well done to all involved.”
  • “Continue with the book looks.”
  • “Continue with the music concerts.”

How could we improve our service next year?
Thank you for your comments, which will be very helpful in our future planning.

Swimming (3 comments)

“Swimming lessons for all ages” (x2 comments) and “Swimming every year.” (x1 comment)        
Head teacher’s response: We would also like to provide swimming lessons every year, however, as it costs at least £1,500 for each class to have a series of 9-10 sessions, we are currently only able to offer swimming courses once during Key Stage 2. It may be that the new ‘Sugar Tax’ funding the Government has promised can be spent on swimming, however, up to now, schools have not been permitted to spend any of their Sport Premium on swimming.Lack of space / facilities / funding (4 comments)

“The school does not receive enough funding or resources particularly for more challenging pupils.”
“With current facilities I think the school is very outdated.”
“There is not enough space.”
One parent commented that they felt that the fences could be higher, given the location of the school next to a military base.
Head teacher’s response: We agree that our current facilities (including the fencing) and the space currently available to us are outdated – which is why we are so delighted that the Local Authority has planned a new school for us. Unfortunately, like all schools, our budget has been cut year on year, which does impact on the amount of money we have to spend on resources. We have had some tough decisions about what to replace, knowing that we are overdue for a rebuild. In the meantime, we will continue to do our best with what little we have. ”

Homework (2 comments, with 3 “disagrees”)
“I think there is a little too much homework, we have a lot of other commitments and seem to spend a lot of time helping with homework, although my child has been able to do more on her own recently.”
“Homework – more praise not just constantly reminded of things done wrong.”
Head teacher’s response: We reviewed our homework policy in September last year and will be reviewing it again in September. It is always difficult to get the balance right for every family, but your feedback is always useful to us.

Communication (3 comments)
“Communication could be improved – too much reliance on social media – not all parents have access to this whilst at work etc.”
“Facebook reminders a bit earlier than day before à maybe set as events and invite people?”
“Communication to parents could be more timely.”
Head teacher’s response: We are constantly striving to improve our communication and will take these comments into consideration as we approach September. Our Facebook messages are intended only as reminders of dates already sent out by email and in paper form, but we could consider setting as events and inviting people. In the end, though, we do have to rely on parents and carers to keep up to date by using the key dates sheet sent out at the beginning of the year and our news sheet sent out once a month, along with our school website, which can be found via the following link: http://wytonprimaryschool.org.uk/

Behaviour (2 comments)
Two parents commented that they had seen inappropriate behaviour on school grounds before or after school.
Head teacher’s response: We will look into this carefully next term.

Other (4 comments)
“Opportunities for parents to access books rather than just parents evening.”
Head teacher’s response: We do have opportunities other than our termly parents’ evenings for parents to access their children’s books – we also hold 6 ‘Book Looks’ a year (1 at the end of every half term), when all the children’s books are available and teachers on hand for parents to talk about their children’s work. In addition, our class teachers will be happy for you to come in and see your children’s work whenever you like – please just ask.
“Do parents and children receive any info about online or other types of bullying?

Head teacher’s response: Pupils are taught about how to recognise and deal with on-line bullying both as part of their Personal Development and Computing curricula. We also have links and advice on our school website: http://wytonprimaryschool.org.uk/StayingSafe.htm. This year we will be holding an e-safety event for parents run by children.
“My children have been disappointed the school doesn’t take part in book week (ie dress up). It would be lovely if the Street Dancers did a show, so the parents can see the group dance together. Bring choir back, please.”
Head teacher’s response:

  • We do currently celebrate national Book Week: we have our poetry recitals for Grandparents Day and a whole school poetry recital to which parents and carers are invited, plus, we always book a theatre company to come and perform a play based on a famous children’s book in or around Book Week. We chose to celebrate Book Week in these ways rather than just to take part in a ‘dress up day’ because we felt that it was a more inclusive and purposeful way to celebrate books and reading, particularly when so many families felt that they were too busy to support a dress up day. However, we can review this with the School Council in September.
  • Mr Muzolf has plans to include a Street Dance Club performance in our end of term concerts, once they are ready.
  • Don’t worry, we do still have a choir, though it will be held during the day, rather than after school. In the summer term, they did not meet very often due to the KS2 production rehearsals.

“I think a ‘Reading in the Community’ where adults come in to help with reading and other behaviour issues can be really useful. Especially for lone parents.”
Head teacher’s response: What a fantastic idea for 2017-18!
“It’s a shame that older children are not included in a Christmas Nativity.”
Head teacher’s response: Thank you. We will bear this comment in mind for the future.

To see the results from previous questionnaires issued to parents and carers, click on the links below.in July 2015, click here.
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Wyton on the Hill Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.
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