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June 2013
Wyton Marathon
Wyton Marathon
Our popular fundraising event was held again recently with all of the children as always, putting in a tremendous effort as they raised money for the school and the East Anglian Children's Hospice. Almost all of the KS1 children ran and walked at least 2 miles with the minimum covered by the children in KS2 being over 3 miles. Some were close to completing 6 miles in the hour which was a tremendous effort. Keep an eye on the fundraising page to see how much has been raised.
Wyton Marathon
April 2013
Y1 Multiskills Festival
Our Y1 children did us proud as we attended the festival at St. Peter's School with other primary schools from the Huntingdon area. The children took part in a range of individual and paired events which involved them having to negotiate obstacles, dribble footballs and throw objects at targets. Expertly run by the students at St. Peter's, it was a morning enjoyed by all of the children.
March 2013
Comic Relief Talent Show
To help raise money for Comic Relief, the children were invited to audition to participate in a talent show with everyone wishing to take part paying for the priviledge. The winners from each class went forward to the final in which they performed to the school. We had a very enjoyable morning watching some of our very talented youngsters singing, performing gymnastic routines and magic amongst other activities all in the name of charity.
December 2012
KS1 Nativity - The Inn Keepers' Busy Night
Our KS1 children were fantastic as always as they performed their nativity entitled 'The Inkeepers' Busy Night'. With cowboys and Arabian dancers it certainly contained a slight variation on the traditional theme but was thoroughly enjoyed by the children and parents and a big 'thank you' to the KS1 staff led by Mrs. Talbot who worked hard with the children to create the wonderful performances.
KS2 Trip to the British Museum and the Science Museum
Despite the traffic being horrific, it didn't spoil an excellent day in London as all of KS2 made flying visits to both the British and Science Museums. We studied the Egyptian artefacts which we had been learning about and then moved over to the Science Museum where we looked around the Flight and Space exhibits which has helped to prepare us for next term's topic. There were many tired children (and staff) upon our return but as many parents will testify as they were then hearing about the visit for some time afterwards, it proved a highly popular and successful trip.
October 2012
Sponsored Football Kick
ProKick 1
In a sponsored event organised by ProKick, the children were given the opportunity to kick the ball as hard as possible into a goal equipped with a speed gun. It was event eagerly anticipated by many of the wannabe footballers and proved very worthwhile as over £600 was raised which will be split equally between our school and schools in Africa.
ProKick 2
African Drumming Workshop
We were very lucky to have an excellent musician called Andy who plays in orchestras around the world, join us for the day to teach us how to play some Afican drums. Each class spent time learning some songs which culminated in a whole school performance to parents at the end of the day where the children were able to demonstrate their newly acquired skills.

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