Self-evaluation categories
We want all pupils, not only those involved in the School Council, to have the opportunity to discuss school issues and to form their own ideas and opinions about aspects of school life through conversation with other pupils from all age groups. For this reason we have developed a systematic consultation process, ‘The Big Conversation’, to involve all pupils in school self-evaluation and development. The topic for discussion is determined half-termly by the School Council, staff or by liaison with both. 
On the day of The Big Conversation an assembly is led by a member of the Senior Leadership Team to feed back any changes or decisions resulting from the last event and to remind everybody of the core purpose of the process. The new topic for discussion is then introduced, but not explored, and everyone is reminded of the ‘rules’ agreed for ensuring a successful exchange.
After the assembly, pupils disperse into mixed age groups led by a class teacher. This gives pupils of all ages an opportunity to share each other’s experiences and ideas. Teachers facilitate a variety of discussion activities in pairs and small groups around the topic and key ideas are recorded at the end of the 30 minute session. Pupils with Special Educational Needs, who may find this type of activity difficult, are support by a TA, either in or out of the classroom as appropriate.

The key ideas from each group are collated for further discussion and decision-making by the School Council and/or the Senior Leadership Team.
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