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Service Families' Information Area

We wish you a very warm welcome to our Service Families’ Information Area.

Currently our Service Pupil population fluctuates between 40 and 60% of our pupils, with Service Pupils joining us and moving on throughout the year.

For families moving into the area, we have a special ‘New Arrivals’ area of the website, which will provide useful practical information for you and your child on every day routines. Please click here.

Information about term dates, school times, policies etc are all available on the school website by clicking here.

Class teachers have their own class pages, which contain useful information about topics, Home Learning, PE days etc and which are available here.

We also have a Facebook page, which is used as a noticeboard for current events and fortnightly newsletters, which are emailed directly to your inbox via ParentMail and posted on the ‘Home Page’ of our website.

We hope that you will feel ‘at home’ in our school community straight away and that once your child is settled you may even wish to play an active role in the life of the school – either practically, by becoming a parent helper or strategically, by becoming a member of the Governing Body.

Click here to access a handbook written as a guide for teachers and other professionals, to the specific issues relating to the needs of children of service personnel.

Click here to read how the Service Premium is allocated at Wyton.

Your Contacts at Wyton on the Hill Primary School
  Our School Secretary  
By the time your child arrives in school for their first day, you will probably know Mrs Watts, one of our school secretaries, very well indeed. She is the person who deals with all the school’s administrative matters and is well-loved by our school community for her warm, efficient approach and her amazing memory for information and people. You can contact her at any time during term time via email or by phone (01480 452032).  

  Your Child’s Class Teacher  
  Your child’s class teacher is your main point of contact for all general academic and pastoral matters and all teachers have an ‘open door’ policy, which means that they are happy to meet you for a chat at the beginning or end of the school day, if you have any general messages, concerns or queries to pass on. Alternatively, if they are so busy working with children that they cannot talk to you at that moment, they will be happy to make an appointment to meet with you as soon as possible – just call (or phone) into the School Office and one will be arranged for you.  

  Our Head teacher  
Mrs. PhillipsIn general, we find that if a parent shares a query or concern with their child’s class teacher as soon as it arises, any issues or misunderstandings can be resolved quickly and efficiently in the best interests of the child.
We would very much prefer that parents took this approach, rather than leaving things as they are and feeling unhappy or ‘let down’ by the school for any period of time.
Please be assured that we are here to make your child’s experience in school the best it can be – their success is our core purpose and positive relationships between home and school are vital to our children’s personal and academic progress. However, if we don’t know about an issue, we can’t do anything to make it better!
If you feel that you cannot speak with your child’s class teacher, Mrs Phillips’ door is always open. And if it isn’t, Miss McFarlane will make an appointment to see her at the first available opportunity.
Mrs Phillips is always interested in any ideas or feedback you have about the school. You can contact her at any time via email or by phone (01480 452032).

  Our Transition & Service Premium Learning Mentor  

Mrs. HefferanAt Wyton on the Hill, we understand that children from Service backgrounds can face unique opportunities and challenges and so have delegated a significant proportion of our Service Premium Funding to providing a Learning Mentor with specific responsibility for Transition and Service Premium provision.
Vreli Hefferan works full time in school, with 70% of her time dedicated to supporting pupils undergoing transition experiences. She is your main point of contact for all things related to transition and is always happy to work with children and families who are going through a period of change.

Click here to meet Vreli.

Wyton on the Hill Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.
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