January 2016


As an introduction to our history topic on the Romans, the year 3 children visited St. Albans, formally known as Verulamium, which was one of the main cities in the country over 2000 years ago.
Verulamium 2016
We visited the hypocaust which was the former home of a rich Roman family and contained the equivalent of our central heating system with channels running under the floor which were used to heat the room. The floor itself was decorated with a very intricate tiled mosaic pattern.  
Verulamium 2016   We began the visit exploring the museum and the children were particularly fascinated by the mosaics.   Verulamium 2016
Verulamium 2016
A member of the museum staff then taught us about some of the artefacts that had been discovered at Verulamium. It was fairly easy to work out the purpose of some but others were very difficult.
Verulamium 2016 Verulamium 2016 Verulamium 2016
Some of the children were then given the opportunity to dress in the fashion of different Roman people from the time. The rich were lucky, those who were slaves a little less so and unfortunately for Theo, he had to play the part of someone who'd just died!
Verulamium 2016   Verulamium 2016   Verulamium 2016
After lunch we walked through Verulamium Park to the location of a Roman home where a hypercaust was discovered with a very elaborate mosaic floor above.
Verulamium 2016   Verulamium 2016   Verulamium 2016
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