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Sea life Visit to the Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary and mini golf game
Lunch and playing on the beach in Scarborough
Tea at The Old School House
Laser Quest in Whitby
Laser Quest
Morris dancing
Morris Dancing in Robin Hood's Bay

Sealife Centre
Today, we went to a sea life centre in Scarborough to learn about sea creatures. There were some octopus, jelly fish, seals and loads more. We saw a baby seal that had an ear infection which was getting treated at a seal hospital to get as much care as it needed. In one of the enclosures there was a seal that is partially blind that he can only see around 1 metre away. A fact we learnt about the jelly fish was that if there was no current the jelly fish would just sink to the bottom of the tank. A really cool fact was that all jelly fish have no brain! After we had had a tour of the centre we had a game of mini golf in the rain! by Chloe and Joe

Party Games, Laser Quest and Morris Dancing
We came back from Scarborough early because of the rain. When we got back Mrs McClure organised some party games for a leavers' party. After tea we headed off for laser Quest. Whist we were there we played all kinds of games such as, all V all, team death match and groups of 4. The top three scorers were Megan then Eloise then Zain.

We came back to the bay, dropped off the minibus and walked down to the bay to do some Morris dancing. We didn't think it was going to be fun at first but once we got into it it was. Then we came back to the Old School House for some pudding. by Andy and Jack

Whitby 2017   Whitby 2017   Whitby 2017
Whitby 2017   Whitby 2017   Whitby 2017

Our favourite bits of our Whitby Residential
Whitby 2017 The thing that I enjoyed most was going down to beach. Even though it was cold it was still great fun. The Old School House is in an interesting location because of the houses and beautiful view. Going with my friends to the beach was fun, especially getting each each other wet. It was colder than I thought it would be. Whitby 2017
Whitby 2017 I found the Eden camp really interesting, some of it was quite sad...it really made me think. I also like learning about new things at the Sealife Centre. I couldn't take my eyes off Maggie when she came to tell us her smugglers tales.

I really like going to the beach and playing in the waves and the sand. I enjoyed going on the train and saw lots of sheep.

Whitby 2017
Whitby 2017 I liked going down to the beach and going into the water. I enjoyed playing in the water at the beach. I also enjoyed the steam train from Grosmont to Goathland. I had fun working in a team with Jacob and Harry writing our own A to Z of Whitby. Whitby 2017
I really enjoyed going down to the beach. Robin Hood's Bay was warmer than Whitby. It was great to have everyone together to play manhunt on the beach and in the water. I enjoyed going to the Eden Camp and learnt lots of things about what happened in the war. The thing I remember most was about the Bismark. Whitby 2017
Whitby 2017 Eating our meals in the lunch hall was a nice time to socialise. Going to the beach in Robin Hood's Bay was good because we could stay there for a long time. The ice-cream had three different flavours - I loved it. Crazy golf was really fun, I got a hole in one and came second in my group. Whitby 2017
Whitby 2017 I liked going to the beach, especially the one at Robin Hood's Bay to spend time with my friends. My favourite part was when we first went to Robin Hood's Bay beach because we were able to stay in the water for a long time because we could just walk back to the Old School House. Whitby 2017
Whitby 2017

It was a good residential. The Eden camp was interesting. In some of the huts things were very realistic. It was fun sharing a room with Jack, Joe and Harry.

I enjoyed the boat ride because it was calming and I've never done anything like that before. Whitby 2017
Whitby 2017 I have had a fun time at Lazer quest, the 199 steps at Whitby Abbey and the Eden camp. Whitby has been very exciting especially the Sealife Centre. I liked going on a replica of the Bark endeavour. It was good fun to be able to mess around a little bit with my friends as well.  Whitby 2017
Whitby 2017 Lazer quest was really fun because we got to run around a big play area and play laser guns. I liked the Sealife Centre especially the penguins. I enjoyed getting presents for my family from Whitby and having a Hugh ice-cream there. Whitby 2017

Our advice to next years 6

Listen!!! Bring extra underwear and more than one swimming costume, remember your towel, don't be loud or you'll have to clean the tables, don't mess around at night, get enough sleep, don't get up too early, don't waste your money on sweets, eat nicely at the dinner table and remember your manners and make sure you enjoy it ... before it ends.


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Pack and say goodbyes Packing
Swings Travel to Hartsholme Country Park in Lincoln for picnic lunch
Arrive back at Wyton around 3.30pm
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