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Whitby Walkabout and shopping
Playing on the beach then lunch
Voyage on replica of one of Captain Cook's boats
Geocaching around Robin Hood's Bay
Visit by Mrs. Burchell to talk about smuggling in Robin Hood's Bay Smuggling

Visiting Whitby
After breakfast, we all got in the minibus and headed to the Whitby Abbey. After we'd walked around the Abbey we started our descent down the 199 steps. In our travel groups we headed out to the shops to spend some of our money, we all met up at the pier. Once everyone was together we made our way over to the replica of The Bark Endeavour - a ship used by Captain Cook on long voyages - and we headed out onto the sea and then turned around back to the pier. When we settled down at the beach we ate our lunch, which consisted of a sandwich of our choice, an apple, digestives, raisins and crisps. Once we ate our lunch we were allowed to play around on the beach and in the sea for 2 hours then wondered back to get an ice-cream. When we got back to the Old School House we ate dinner, while Maggie (who was our guest for the evening) set up to tell us about stories about smugglers 250 years ago and who helped in the smuggling around Robin Hood's Bay. By Eloise and Darcey

Whitby 2017   Whitby 2017   Whitby 2017
Whitby 2017   Whitby 2017   Whitby 2017
tomorrow's events
Travelling on North Yorkshire Moors Railway railway
walking Walk around Goathland and picnic
Visiting the Eden Camp EdenCamp
dinner Fish and Chips on the seafront
Playing on the beach

Maggie Burchell talk about smuggling
On our second day at Robin Hood's Bay a lady called Maggie (Mrs. Burchell) came in to tell us all about the smuggling in Robin Hood's Bay. She re-enacted the life of a young child in the 18th century when smuggling goods was occasional. We were told about the goods that were smuggled and how they avoided trouble with taxes, they avoided the trouble by travelling through underground tunnels which lead all around The Bay. The performance was a fun experience as she made it interactive by asking us questions and letting us touch her props. We've learnt a lot about Robin Hoods Bay in the hour Maggie was here and we hope we have more exciting thing to come in the week.
Phoebe and Ella

Whitby 2017   Whitby 2017
Whitby 2017   Whitby 2017
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